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13 companies from around the ?? battle it out with their in-camera-edited Super8 films ???? All made under STRICT LOCKDOWN CONDITIONS! Watch the films premier TODAY @ 2PM on straight8.net for the first time as the film-makers!
2 weeks ago
Report from the @HouseofCommons@CommonsTreasury could not have been clearer in its findings and recommendations. It delivered them to the Government who – shamefully – did nothing. bit.ly/3ddrZpAhttps://t.co/tTZPAi0c2D
3 weeks ago
The APA have devised an online C-19 Guidelines Assessment Test ?? Those who pass the test can be considered for the role of COVID Supervisor by a producer dependent on production experience etc ?? Details and the ?? at our website - open to everyone, not just APA members! https://t.co/v3bxtir7EY
1 month ago
Spotted on @Campaignmag COVID-19 Blog - our posters to promote safe practices during shoots as we see a return to work. You can download them for yourself here: a-p-a.net/2020/05/news/d…https://t.co/0QoYVjLL81
1 month ago